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Our Mission

Our mission is to be an innovative eyewear company that not only provides high quality sunglasses that are affordable, meet the needs and desires of our SAINT customers, but also fosters a community of people striving to live the SAINT life by giving back to kids in underprivileged communities.

Our Values

Be Humble.
Be Empathetic.
Be Adaptable. 
Be Resilient. 
Be Transparent.
Be Authentic.

Part of the Proceeds from SAINT LIFE EYEWEAR products will go towards helping our youth.

We will be donating to Everykid sports and Purposity. Learn more about these life changing brands.

Our Story

As a former professional athlete, sports provided the life Jason has today. From a young age he was introduced to traditional sports(baseball, soccer, basketball, track) and even extreme sports (motocross, wakeboarding). He felt he was privileged to have those opportunities as they gave him perspective and attributes that he continues to use daily. It taught teamwork, time management, discipline, work ethic, consistency, mental strength, patience and respect. It kept him out of trouble. It is Jason’s goal to want help kids in EVERY community to be able to begin their journey in sports, by providing money, equipment and glasses. He want to foster a community of giving back. It just so happens he’s a sunglass junkie and connoisseur that’s empathetic to the consumer trying to find high quality, unique glasses at an affordable price.

It is Andrea’s mission as a co-founder to create a culture that is the SAINT life. As a former teacher, it has always been a passion of hers to help kids build confidence in themselves and to believe they can do anything they set their mind to. She also saw firsthand and understood this can be a hard concept for kids to grasp if they don’t live in a community with high accessibility. 

“Jason and I have always had servant hearts and a desire to work for a non-profit or start an organization that gives back. Our strongest desire is to be the best role models for our four kids and for them live build this brand with us. For them to live the SAINT life with servant hearts. This company is truly a representation of Jason and my life’s experiences and desires. To be able to work together as a family, build our founding team and create a community brand that not only meets the needs of our consumers, but fosters a community that is helping kids is a dream for us.”